100 Suits For 100 Men Gives More To Community

Kevin Livingston continues his holiday celebration by giving back.


On Wednesday, 100 Suits For 100 Men held their 7th annual give back at a local women’s shelter in Jamaica.

100 Suits For 100 Men is a nonprofit organization, located in three offices across the City including Jamaica, SoHo and the Bronx. They have 19 programs, which includes back-to-work and preparing men and women with the proper attire, entrepreneurial training, free haircuts, and two different mentoring programs in two different boroughs. The organization is open five days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“We weren’t always a 501(c)(3), I cringe when I hear that word nonprofit because people use that word very loosely,” said Kevin Livingston, the president and founder of 100 Suits For 100 Men. “We are the community’s company, that’s what I call my company. We put the community in charge of their community.”
Livingston went on to describe the holiday event that keeps the community involved.

“This year we’re sponsoring 100 families in Jamaica, and we have face painting, we’re giving out kid blankets, we have free haircuts for the young people, we have make-up demonstrations for the mothers, we have hot food, [State] Sen. James Sanders Jr. (D-Far Rockaway) donated 100 web cameras, we’re giving out kid clothing, shoes, we have games, musical chairs and we’re giving the mothers awards,” said Livingston.

He mentioned that 100 Suits For 100 Men holds the community responsible and allows them ownership for what goes on in the community, which is how they were able to provide clothes, shoes, haircuts and more because they are all from local residents or business owners. The food was sponsored by State Sen. James Sanders Jr. (D-Far Rockaway) and the National Hook-Up of Black Women Inc.

Starting in the first quarter of 2016, 100 Suits For 100 Men will be giving out financial literacy workshops and haircuts to the men’s shelters in Jamaica, so that they can help with the homeless situation in Jamaica to get them prepped to get back to work. They will also be sponsoring more poetry slams in Southeast Queens.

Livingston also mentioned that starting next year, they will be focusing on getting young people from ages 17 to 25 into politics. They will be registering them to vote to get them more involved in local politics for 2016, especially for the upcoming presidential race.

“[People] don’t have to just [join] 100 Suits For 100 Men, they can start things on their own or whatever initiative that they want to do and 100 Suits For 100 Men will support them. When there’s progression in the community, I’m all for it,” said Livingston.

To join 100 Suits For 100 Men or to find out more information, visit 100Suits.org or go to 92-31 Union Hall St.

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One thought on “100 Suits For 100 Men Gives More To Community

  1. pat tulchin

    please tell where I may donate some money to your organization. To me it is the most sensible charity there is. Continued success.


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