101st Precinct: Cruelty To Animals

Cruelty To Animals

A 30-year-old Far Rockaway man has been indicted after he allegedly threw a cat off a balcony and then went down to the street to stomp it to death, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Giovanni Olivo, of Beach 26th Street, was indicted by a Queens County grand jury for allegedly killing an adult female cat on Sept. 30. He was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and endangering the welfare of a child.

The defendant is accused of stomping the cat in plain sight of witnesses, including children.

Olivo was arraigned on Monday before Queens Supreme Court Justice Barry Kron on a three-count indictment.

The defendant, who faces up to two years in prison if convicted, was released under supervision and ordered to return to court on July 13.

“The defendant is accused of killing a defenseless cat in a cruel and vile act of brutality,” the DA said. “Having been thrown from a third-floor balcony, the cat miraculously survived the fall only for the defendant to allegedly stomp on the cat until she was dead, while onlookers— several of whom were children— looked on in horror.”

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