103rd Commanding Officer Moved to Patrol Boro South


(Left): Deputy Inspector Peter Fortune will be the 103rd’s new commanding officer. (Right): 103rd Inspector John Cappelmann will move to Patrol Borough Queens South. 

Following a three-year stint in the 103rd Precinct, Inspector John Cappelmann will leave the post as the commanding officer to serve at Patrol Borough Queens South.

In Cappelmann’s absence, Deputy Inspector Peter Fortune—formerly of the 114th Precinct—will take over the leadership role in the Southeast Queens precinct.

“Inspector Cappelmann asked me to convey to you that it has been an absolute pleasure and an honor serving the South Jamaica community of the 103rd Precinct,” said Marc Costa, the 103rd Precinct’s community affairs officer.

“This was not just another assignment, but more like a family tradition as his father and brother have both served here before him.”

During Cappelmann’s stint as commanding officer, violent crimes in the 103rd Precinct dropped significantly.

“This is a very busy week for Deputy Inspector Fortune,” Costa said. “We will be making our way through the community beginning next week to make introductions.”

Patrol Borough Queens South Chief David Barrere told the PRESS of Southeast Queens that he was excited to have Fortunate join his side of the borough.

“Deputy Inspector Fortune is an extremely talented, well respected and very knowledgeable commanding officer,” he said. “I’m looking forward to working with him in Queens South.”

Regarding Cappelmann’s departure, the head of borough south was equally enthusiastic.

“[Cappelmann] was handpicked by me for the borough assignment, due to his experience as a commanding officer of Police Service Area 6, the 9th Precinct in Manhattan and the 103rd Precinct for the last three years,” Barrere said.

“We’re looking forward to working with him and continuing to improve our relationship with the community.”

–Trone Dowd

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