105th Reports First Homicide Of The Year


The deceased body of an unidentified man was reported to police on Monday, marking the first homicide to take place within the confines of the 105th Precinct this year.

Inspector Jeffrey Schiff, the commanding officer of the 105th Precinct, told the PRESS of Southeast Queens that a worker with a nearby shipping company located at Guy R. Brewer Boulevard and 149th Avenue discovered the body when he came to work around 7:45 a.m.

“The worker went to check on the company parking lot as a part of his daily duties,” Schiff said. “He saw a car parked in their open parking lot and, next to it, a body lying next to it on the floor.”

Schiff said that police received a call to the location. Upon arrival, paramedics took notice of the strange condition in which the body was found.

“EMS saw what seemed to be cuts to the victim’s body,” Schiff said. “While they were thinking the man was stabbed to death, it was not entirely clear. There was no blood anywhere. It was a little odd.”

Paramedics declared the man dead on arrival. Police were able to find a preliminary identification after the initial investigation of the crime scene.

“He seemed to have been a homeless person with ties to Far Rockaway,” Schiff said. “We were able to notify his family, who was able to identify who he was. But no one could tell us how he died.”

It wasn’t until Tuesday morning that a medical examiner was able to determine that the man was indeed stabbed multiple times and shot in the heart presumably elsewhere before being dumped in the Springfield Gardens parking lot. Schiff confirmed that, since then, police have found several leads, but could not provide any further information for the time being.

“We don’t think he was killed there because there would be blood all over the place,” Schiff said. “This phase of the investigation involved canvassing the surrounding area for video of how he got there as well as finding potential eyewitnesses.”

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