105th Talks Intrusive Nightlife in SEQ

Executive officers with the 105th Precinct held a meeting Monday night to address noise at local nightlife establishments.

In Laurelton, Rosedale, Queens Village, Jamaica and Cambria Heights, local bars, clubs and lounges have become a nuisance for some residents. Inspector Jeffrey Schiff, commanding officer of the 105th Precinct, told the PRESS of Southeast Queens that patrons who often spill out into the streets after the bars are closed have threatened the quality of life for residents.

“We enlightened many establishment owners on what their responsibilities are,” Schiff said. “They didn’t realize how they could be held accountable for an incident that occurs outside of their establishment.”
He explained that if, for example, a drunk driver kills someone after leaving a bar, the establishment that served them can be punished.

Nearly 150 residents—including elected officials and community board members—turned out for the meeting. Owners, managers and security personnel from 25 different local businesses attended the meeting to learn how to become better neighbors.

On Feb. 15, a shooting took place at the After Dark Bar and Lounge in Laurelton, injuring a woman. Four days later, a shooting took place outside of The Pour House in Queens Village. The two incidents were the catalyst for the community meeting.

“Some of these places are known for attracting the wrong clientele from the community,” Schiff said.
Officers made suggestions on how security should conduct pat-downs from patrons and recommended that establishment owners should invest in quality ID scanners to keep track of persons coming in and out of local clubs.

-Trone Dowd

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