2018 Democratic Primaries


One of politicians’ favorite go-to phrases is to say that this election year is the most important in your lifetime. It’s so cliche at this point that most voters tune out this rhetoric. But the 2018 election cycle is indeed one of the most important for residents of Queens. The current presidential administration is deeply out of touch with the policies and practices of Queens voters, and the one-party Republican rule in Congress has been a paltry check on the expanding powers of the office.


Tuesday’s Democratic primary elections are just the first step in these elections. No matter the outcome of Tuesday’s races, it is important for all Queens residents, including the losers of the primary elections and their supporters, to continue to be engaged in shaping the country we want to live in, participating by voting in all elections, volunteering and by taking an active role in shaping the future political landscape of our country.

The stakes are too high for residents to take a back seat.

5th Congressional District:  Meeks Experience Rises To Top

Rep. Gregory Meeks faces two challengers in his Democratic primary contest, former NYPD detective and Army veteran Carl Achille and activist and Community Board 13 member Mizan Choudhury, both whom have suggested that Meeks has been in his office for too long and that the district needs a change.

We disagree with the mindset that change is necessary solely for the purpose of change. While both Achille and Choudhury bring important voices and perspectives to the political arena, including calls for bringing tech jobs to the district or more aggressively combating the opioid epidemic, neither candidate has the relevant experience needed to be a force for positive change in D.C. in the next two years.

Rep. Meeks has served in the U.S. Capitol for almost two decades, and in that time has established himself as a capable advocate for the 5th Congressional District and a righteous voice against injustice and inequality.

With Democrats holding a good chance to take control of the House, it’s in voters’ best interests to send Rep. Meeks back to D.C., where he will be well positioned to advocate for the district because of his seniority and experience.

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