5 Tips For Sending Flowers

For Americans, sending flowers to show love, caring and concern is a longstanding tradition appreciated by both givers and receivers. Consider these tips when you’re choosing fresh flowers for mom on Mother’s Day.

Choose delivery. You may be tempted to pick up a few cheap cellophane-wrapped stems at your local grocery store, but understand that won’t have the same panache as a professionally designed, packaged and delivered bouquet. There’s a little thrill of surprise that comes from that knock on the door from a delivery person carrying a gorgeous display of blooms.


Think ahead. Ordering online well ahead of time can not only offer you peace of mind, but may save you money by allowing the flower company to make the delivery a few days before or after the holiday. That timing may also allow your loved one to stop and appreciate your gift at a time that’s more convenient.

Know her favorites. Delight your mother by finding out ahead of time which kinds of flowers she prefers, then ordering ahead to ensure your florist can secure that variety. Different blooms can carry different associations based on personal experience—perhaps, pink roses bring back happy memories of her mother’s rose garden, but orchids remind her of her aunt’s funeral. She may also be partial to beautifully scented varieties such as lilies, freesia, lavender or hyacinth.

Inquire about details. It’s perfectly OK to ask how many stems of each flower will go into a given arrangement or to find out whether it will be delivered in a plain glass vase or beautifully designed keepsake planter. You may be able to request more flowers be substituted for an elegant container—or vice versa.

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