A Look Back On A Turbulent Year

Few would argue with the assertion that 2017 has been a bumpy ride. The year’s highlights include the investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. election and the cloud that hangs over the White House as a result, a racist rally in Virginia that claimed the life of a counterprotester, a travel ban that discriminates on the basis of religion, the passage of a tax bill that many believe disproportionately favors the wealthy, a constant threat of conflict with North Korea, and the numerous allegations of sexual assault against everyone from members of Congress to celebrities.

So, where are we going in 2018? The values of the United States have greatly changed during its 241 years of existence, and we hope that the beliefs of the Founding Fathers that have long held us together will continue to guide us and enable us to be stronger beyond the term of this presidency.

The rule of law is currently being greatly challenged. President Donald Trump’s attorneys believe that he is above the law. Trump has appointed Cabinet members who are diametrically opposed to the mandates of their offices. Children listen to the president lie, and he is not being challenged enough.

What kind of message is being sent to women who are being called liars when they step forward to denounce the abuse that they have suffered at the hands of powerful men? What are we telling the members of the FBI and intelligence community when they are consistently berated and attacked by the person who is supposed to be leading them?

We may be lost and wandering at the moment, but we hope that the rational and clear-thinking members of Congress will stand up and protect our American values of freedom, fairness and the rule of law.


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