A New Day For CD28

Tuesday marked a big day for Southeast Queens. Adrienne Adams, a long time stalwart of Southeast Queens leadership, won the Democratic primary for District 28. Her victory signifies that the neighborhoods of Jamaica, Richmond Hill, South Ozone Park and Rochdale Village are one step closer to the start of a new era.

For years, District 28 languished behind its neighboring districts. While these districts flourished and grew with their new leaders at the helm, District 28 never had that luxury. Mishap after mishap left behind a community that felt forgotten. While former councilman Ruben Wills was able to accomplish a few noteworthy things during his brief tenure, only so much could be done with his hands tied up in the legal troubles that would eventually land him in state prison.

Despite this dark period, District 28 has recently been on the upswing. Over the last year, constituents got to see not one, but three capable candidates stand up, ready to take charge and lead the people into a new day of prosperity. We thank both Hettie Powell and Richard David for their tenacity and eagerness to see progress in their districts. We not only ask but demand that they remain active and at the forefront of what is sure to be a time of change for Southeast Queens.

As we now look to November, we are down to two candidates in the race vying for the seat: The Green Party’s Frank Francois, whose experience following and combatting numerous social justice issues all around the country is admirable to say the least, and the Democratic Party’s Adrienne Adams whose years in education, civic and community service speaks volumes.

It’s safe to say that the district will certainly be in good hands. We at the Press of Southeast Queens look forward to seeing tangible and consistent progress in District 28.


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