Advertorial: Improving Your Home On A Budget


Does your house need a makeover? Are you getting an appraisal or preparing to sell? Well, keep reading and you will find out how you can give your house amazing curb appeal without breaking the bank.


In fact, if you’re preparing to sell your home, you could actually make money. At Unified, we have five locations and 15 salespeople available to come to your home to give you a free nonpressured estimate seven days a week.

Unified supplies and installs windows, doors, siding, roofing, stone work and attic insulation. Some other items we sell fully installed are awnings, gutters, leaders and shutters. Some of these items can really transform your home and even turn a profit.

According to a Wall Street Journal article by Amy Hoak, “In terms of cost recouping at resale, seven of the top 10 projects…were exterior replacement projects including windows, doors and siding.”

Later in that same article, it estimated a 128.9 percent return on doors. You may just want to make your house look nice, but you will, in fact, be putting money in your pocket. Naturally, these same projects can be done just for your own enjoyment and pride in your home.

To get your free in-home estimate from Unified, call (888) 631-2131 or visit one of its five showrooms located in Hempstead Village, Huntington, Patchogue, Brooklyn and Scarsdale or visit

Steven J. DiMare is the chief executive officer for Unified Window Systems, Inc.

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