ADVERTORIAL: Parker Jewish Institute Offers End Of Life Care

18-Parker-AdvertorialFor families that are looking to minimize suffering and maximize comfort and dignity for their loved ones with a terminal illness, Parker Jewish Institute is a highly regarded provider of hospice care.

Parker’s Community and Inpatient Hospice offers highly specialized care for terminally ill patients. Through pain control and symptom management, as well as emotional support, thoroughly experienced professional staff provides care in patients’ homes or nursing facilities, including Parker’s nursing home.

The staff creates personalized care plans that meet the individual needs of each patient, and foster a calm and loving environment that benefits patients and family members.

Some of the services that Parker’s offers are:
• Counseling services to the beneficiary and family that includes Bereavement and Spiritual support
• Dietary
• Family support
• Psycho-social assessment
• Nursing services
• Medical social services
• Volunteer services
• Comprehensive assessment
• OT/PT/ST as determined by the Plan of Care
• Plan of care
• Interdisciplinary Group Care coordination/case management services
• Respite care
• Access to Nursing support 24/7.

The Parker Jewish Institute does not just provide physical care, and they do not just provide care to the patient. They offer bereavement, spiritual support and Chaplaincy to both patient and family. Family supports are available at no charge for 13 months after a patient’s death.

Services are covered by both Medicare and Medicaid and most managed care companies.

It is important to note that Comprehensive Community Hospice of Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation has been selected to participate in the Medicare Care Choices Model. The model provides Medicare beneficiaries who qualify for coverage under the Medicare Hospice Benefit and dually eligible beneficiaries who qualify for the Medicaid Hospice Benefit the option to elect to receive supportive care services typically provided by hospice and continue to receive curative services at the same time. This is expected to enable as many as 150,000 eligible Medicare beneficiaries with advanced cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, human immunodeficiency virus/ acquired immunodeficiency syndrome who receive services from participating hospices to experience this new option and flexibility.

Individuals who wish to receive services under the model must fall into certain categories:

• Must be diagnosed with certain terminal illnesses (e.g., advanced cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure and human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome);

• Must meet hospice eligibility requirements under Medicare

Founded in 1907, the Parker Jewish Institute (PJI) is among the national leaders in geriatric medical education and research. Its commitment to conducting and promoting innovative community-based programs distinguishes it from other long-term care facilities in the U.S. For more than 100 years, PJI has been dedicated to promoting the dignity, independence, well-being of older New Yorkers.  The organization is an innovator in the design of new programs and service models needed to meet the challenges presented by the magnitude of the aging population. It serves as a powerful advocate on behalf of older New Yorkers, working with a myriad of community partners to provide needed services to older people.  PJI operates a 527-bed center for skilled medical and nursing care, sub-acute care; adult day services programs; and hospice and home health services. The organization, located in one of the most culturally diversified regions in the nation, provides services to 10,000 older New Yorkers and their families each year.  A network of outpatient services includes a Home Health Care Program; Hospice; Adult Day Care Program; and customized care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of memory impairment through our Alzheimer Social Model Day Care Center.

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