All Eyes On Queens

Our borough will get its due on March 20 when the Queens Chamber of Commerce and Queens Borough President Melinda Katz’s office host the second annual Queens Day in Albany.

The event is an important day for Queens as borough business leaders, restaurants and cultural organizations trek to the state’s capital to meet with legislators and give them an understanding of Queens’ needs.

But Queens Day is also a great showcase for the borough’s diversity, culture, cuisine and educational institutions. The borough is among the city’s most neglected in terms of services, suffering from an overabundance of power plants and homeless shelters and poor transportation options. Queens Day will give participants an opportunity to meet those who represent them and discuss everything from business regulations and taxes to infrastructure.

We commend the Queens Chamber of Commerce and Queens borough president’s office for continuing this tradition. We hope that those who participate will get a chance to voice their opinions on important borough matters, while legislators will get the opportunity to learn what makes the borough special.

Profiles In Courage

While our leaders—a title that we believe is generous—in Washington D.C. continue to sit on their hands on gun control, some Queens elected officials and borough youths have exhibited profiles in courage.

This past week, gun control measures were passed by the state Assembly that included the banning of bump stocks and extending the waiting period for persons with incomplete background checks who are attempting to purchase guns. To no one’s surprise, Congress is stonewalling a discussion on common sense gun control and New York is, once again, leading the way on the matter.

Meanwhile, Queens students held a walkout on Wednesday to show solidarity with students from Parkland, Florida, who have shown more courage than any of our nation’s leaders by confronting the National Rifle Association and the elected officials whose pockets are lined with NRA donations. Jamaica’s August Martin High School was among the schools to take part in the walkout, while Queens Borough President Melinda Katz joined students from Bayside’s Benjamin Cardozo High School.

It gives us some hope that this generation will lead the way on gun control and, eventually, run for office to replace the do-nothings currently taking up space in the U.S. House and Senate.


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