All I Can See Is The Future


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Proverbs 4:25 – “Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you.”

You are entering into a new year this week with excitement and anticipation that this year will be the best yet. The energy is high and your focus is on point. However, like many years before, I see people in the beginning of the year focused, fired up and excited to make the necessary changes they need to move to greater heights and new levels in their life. In too many cases that very same focus, excitement and fire begins to die and fade away after a few weeks and practically vanish after a few months. 

Last week, I spoke to you about total transformation coming into a new year from the book of Philippians 3:13-14, in which Paul talks about forgetting what is behind. This is now part two to that directive. After forgetting what is behind so you can focus on your future, you must now maintain your focus. Sometimes, we can achieve our goals, but go right back to where we started because we don’t have a plan to maintain. 

This scripture directs us to keep our eyes straight ahead. In order to fulfill your destiny, you need to stay focused. That will require you to have a plan to reach your goals and maintain them as well. Once you have a plan, you have to work within that plan. Last week, I spoke to you about my new initiative that I am introducing to my followers known as the Cleanse, Construct and Complete Initiative. The initiative’s plan is to cleanse things from your life, reconstruct a better foundation for your life and then stay focused and complete this new plan. 

However, the work that goes into this plan would require during the first phase to remove unnecessary spending habits and fix your financial needs. Remove at least three bad dietary habits (fried foods, red meats, breads and pastries) to increase your physical health and remove contacts and people from your life who are not focused on doing and going to the place that God has chosen for your life. 

The plan requires work and in order for the work to be fruitful, you must keep your eyes focused on your purpose.

After leaving things behind, all you should see is the future. Your future body, future financial status, future family and so on. One of the abilities I found that people are lacking in this day and age is saving money. The reason is often that they keep their money on their debit card, and everywhere they go they have access to it. If you want your finances to increase and have a brighter future financially, then you have to make some necessary changes to make it work. 

This week, I would like to challenge you to buy a box of envelopes (100 count) and label them 1-100. Make it your business to fill up those envelopes with the money denomination as is written on that envelope over the next 12 months. This means that you would need to fill up at least eight envelopes per month on average to have them all filled by the end of the year. When you place the money in the envelope, you are to seal it and put it away somewhere and not touch it or carry it with you when you leave the house. This way, it will not give you the easy access to spend the money you have placed in the envelopes. My personal tip for this plan to help you succeed would be to recommend that you start with the highest denominations first, so it will become easier as you go along. 

In other words, I started doing this myself this week and the first envelope I filled was the $100 one. Next week, I will sacrifice some spending and fill up the $99 one. You may not be able to fill up eight envelopes in the first month, but as the envelope denominations get smaller, you can fill up more and catch up by filling up more than eight envelopes per month down the line. 

You should wake up each morning knowing where you’re going, how you’re getting there and what you want to accomplish. Keep focused on your future, stick with the plan and don’t allow the distractions of life take you off course. Keep in mind that God’s plan for you is to succeed and walk into His abundant blessings. As you walk in His plan He has for your life, you will experience the remarkable.

God Bless!

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