Another Trump Nominee Bites The Dust

A Personal Perspective

We all remember the children’s story of Henny Penny, who called out that “the sky is falling” when, in fact, it was not. The world has survived many catastrophes over the millennia and the sky has held up pretty well.

But under the presidency of Donald Trump, it seems like a little piece of the sky falls every day. The idiocy of his cockamamie leadership often makes us wonder if we can survive his first term. The haphazard way in which he selects cabinet members and fills other important positions in the administration has been, to use one of his favorite words for other people’s leadership, a disaster.

Take Dr. Ronny Jackson, for example. The presidential physician and military veteran gave Trump his first annual checkup earlier this year and the so-called leader of the free world swooned because Jackson gave the public a good report on the state of the president’s health.

Conveniently, the doctor gave Trump’s weight as just one pound shy of the obesity marker. Ostensibly, Trump is 239 pounds and six-foot-three-feet tall. If he weighed 240, he would have been declared obese. The sceptics among us believe that he is over 240, but had the doctor lie to the nation about his weight.

Now, a few months after the doctor sold us that bill of goods, Trump nominates him to run the Office of Veterans Affairs. How convenient! The White House physician is supposed to stay in that role. He or she is not supposed to be appointed to a cabinet position.

Not with Trump. He only appoints friends and people who say “nice things” about him in person or on Fox News. He once said that he likes Vladimir Putin because he paid him a compliment when they were backstage at a show. He has explained that by saying, “I like people who pay me compliments.”

The 71 year-old still feeds on compliments and will give away the store and country for platitudes. This is why he cannot keep anyone in his cabinet and staff. He appoints people who are as unqualified for their positions as he is for his.

A thinking president knows what he doesn’t know and nominates people who are able to fill the gap. Trump fires—or tries to fire—those who try to keep him in check. He’s been trying for a year now to get rid of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The former Alabama senator felt pressure to recuse himself from the Russia investigation and Trump cannot get over that.

An innocent, intelligent president would want exactly what Sessions did, so it goes to show that this one has something to hide. And it’s not that Sessions is any paragon of virtue either. He too is disingenuous. But he was caught between a rock and a hard place during the nomination hearings. Remember, he lied about having met “with any Russians.”

Trump promised during the campaign that should he win, he’d bring on “the best people.” Instead, he keeps giving us duds and corrupt people. And once again, he just tried to get a lying, allegedly drunken White House doctor to lead one of the nation’s most important agencies.

The veterans in our Queens communities certainly deserve better. Trump did Ronny Jackson no favors here either. His alleged misdeeds coming out now mean that the president did not do his due diligence. It shows that he does not take his responsibilities seriously.

Ronald Reagan talked about “trickle-down economics.” Trump is giving us trickle-down ineptitude. Now Jackson has withdrawn his candidacy for the job and may end up even losing the job he has as White House physician.
The sky may not yet be falling, but Henny Penny would definitely see the cracks.

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