Arrest Made In Zanu Simpson Murder

Following a weeks-long search, police from the 105th Precinct have made an arrest in the shooting of barber Zanu Simpson.

“The perpetrator responsible for the death of Zanu Simpson on July 25 has surrendered to our detectives,” Inspector Jeffrey Schiff, commanding officer of the 105th Precinct, said. “Our apprehension efforts were too much for him.”

The alleged perpetrator was identified as 31-year-old Tyson Boateng. Police were able to identify him shortly after the crime was committed due to witness testimony.

“Boateng stood for lineups and he was positively identified as the killer of the victim,” Schiff said. “He has been arrested and charged with murder in the second degree, robbery in the first degree, criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree and criminal use of a firearm in the first degree.”

Simpson was shot three times in the head while sitting in his BMW X5 in Brookville on July 25. According to reports, police discovered Simpson after responding to a 911 call. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. It was later discovered that Simpson was killed for his jewelry.

Simpson was a beloved member of the community. He had made a name for himself with his unmatched skills with sheers at his barber shop, Strickly Skills, in Hollis. He gained thousands of followers on Instagram and some celebrity clientele—including rapper Future and hip-hop duo Mobb Deep. He was 32-year-old.

–Trone Dowd

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