Astoria Restaurant Week Starts Sept. 19

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Think of it as a “foodie celebration.”

This is how David Paxton, co-founder of Eats In NY, described the restaurant week coming to Astoria from Sept. 19 to 28. Called “Eats In Astoria,” the event is presented by the Queens Chamber of Commerce and Eats in NY in association with Triangulum Servics.

The goal, according to Paxton, is to showcase and celebrate the multicultural cuisines and star chefs available in Astoria. Participating restaurants include Arepas Grill, the Sparrow Tavern, De Mole and the Thirsty Koala.

“We’re excited about bringing culinary recognition to Astoria where it belongs,” Paxton said. “We’re reaching into primarily Manhattan because a lot of people go to Manhattan to eat and they don’t realize what’s in Astoria.”

According to Paxton, restaurants were chosen with the help of Heather Dollard of All The Tastes of New York food crawls, and were picked based on both quality and name recognition within the neighborhood, as well as to highlight the neighborhood’s diversity.

The food available will be “what a true foodie would yearn for,” Paxton said.

Katherine Fuchs, native Astorian and co-owner and chef at the Thirsty Koala, said, “I think that it’s a very exciting time for us in the industry. We’ve got some great restaurants and I think it’s really fun to be able to showcase the variety of businesses that are available in this community.”

“We want [Astoria] to be a destination. We want people to experience it the way that we do,” Fuchs added.

The restaurant week kicks off with a launch party featuring tastings and live music on Sept. 16 at Astoria Bank on 30th Avenue. Interested diners and vendors should visit

Reach Jackie Strawbridge at (718) 357-7400, Ext. 128, or @JNStrawbridge.

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