Bayside High School Defeats Beacon In No-Hitter


Anthony Costa


Bayside High School pitcher Anthony Costa threw a no-hitter against Manhattan’s Beacon High School on Saturday. The pitcher’s performance inspired his head coach to compare him to a Cy Young winner for the Yankees.

“He’s like a right-handed Ron Guidry,” Pat Torney said of his five-foot-six-inch pitcher. “He’s not real big, but has a bionic arm. He throws with velocity and, now, he’s getting his complimentary pitches working.”

At the time, the senior pitcher didn’t realize that he had a no-hitter in the making.

“In the last inning, I was pretty sure I’d complete the shutout,” Costa said. “I wasn’t even sure about the no-hitter. I probably would’ve had to focus on not giving up a hit.”

He wasn’t the only one who was surprised by the outcome of the game.

“Honestly, I didn’t either,” Torney said. “It was 0-0 into the sixth.”

Costa, who struck out 10 batters, got some run support after senior infielder Daniel Alfonzo hit a two-run homer in the sixth.

Bayside added another run on an error in the seventh. Only two batters reached for Beacon, one on an error, the other on a walk.

Beacon was the most challenging team Bayside has faced in the season so far.

“They all looked tall and in shape,” Costa said. “I had to hit my spots and throw strikes. It was a challenge.”

Torney was going to remove Costa early since the righty is also his closer, but the senior was pitching so well that he changed his mind.

“He’s probably the best kept secret in New York,” Torney said. “He’s going to make some college coach very, very happy.”

Costa ranked his no-hitter in the top three moments at Bayside, along with being part of the 2016 city championship team and pitching a complete game shutout in last year’s semifinal to get to the title game.

Even Beacon players congratulated him after Saturday’s game, but Costa is looking ahead.

“Of course, I have to appreciate it, but I have to go out and pitch my best again,” Costa said.

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