Boulevard Film Fest Returns To Boro This Weekend


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Sunnyside’s Boulevard Film Festival—which celebrates the art of filmmaking and supports borough filmmakers—is back by popular demand this weekend and will become an annual tradition.

Following the closure of the Sunnyside Center Cinemas in 2014, filmmakers and artists from the community decided to create an alternative space to showcase films to the community to fill in the void left by the shuttering of the cinema.

The short-film festival will take place from July 20 through July 23 at Maggie Mae’s, the Thalia Spanish Theatre, Bar 43 and The Dog and the Duck, all of which are located in Sunnyside.

While last year’s festival theme focused solely on Queens artists, this year, organizers expanded the search to include international filmmakers, due to the fact that it is being held in the “world’s borough.”

The 31 films will be divided by and organized by theme.

An Evening with the Flushing Remonstrance will be held on July 20 at Maggie Mae’s, located at 41-15 Queens Blvd. Beginning at 8 p.m., contemporary short films will be screened with live accompaniment by The Flushing Remonstrance, an experimental music duo. The roster of films for the evening will include “Distant Thunder” by Louisiana’s Sarah Ferguson, “The Jailbird” by Queens’ own Framework Productions and “Moon” by Brooklyn’s Anthony Cudahy. This event is free of charge.

“Cine En Español” will take place on July 21 at the Thalia Spanish Theatre, located at 41-17 Greenpoint Ave., providing a night of international cinema. This event will feature “Caja Rapida/Express Checkout” by Paraguay’s Ivan Sanchez, “Video Bizarro. Local 63/Bizarro Video. Shop 63” by Argentina’s Mariano Juarez and Dolores Montano, “A Tres Asaltos/Three Rounds” by Chile’s Raul Pinto, “Negro Profundo/Deep Black” by Argentina’s Lucas Molina, “Hubo Un Lugar/There was a place,” by Spain’s Irene Garces, “Terraza 7” by Queens’ Carlos Freire and “Acto Final/Final Act” by Queens’ Santiago Jimenez. The show begins at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are on sale for $15.

More films will be screend at the Thalia Spanish Theatre, Bar 43 (43-06 43rd St.) and The Dog and Duck (45-20 Skillman Ave.) on July 22.

The Thalia Spanish Theatre will screen films by local directors at 12 p.m. for $15. The screening includes “Taking In Quinn” by Daniella Turano, “Choices” by Rick Hamilton and “Impervia” by Patrick Devaney.

Bar 43 will screen movies that deal with global cultural and social issues on everything from mental health to transgender equality at 5:30 p.m. for $20. Films will include “Buddha of Superposition” by the United Kingdom’s Alexis Kirke, “That’s My Boy” by India’s Akhil Sathyan and several movies by Queens residents, including Yun Xie’s “The Still Life”, Rachel Rinehardt’s “Half Still” and Kirsten Hillkert and Ashlee Mundy’s “In/Finite.”

Midnight Madness—which will include a mixture of comedy, animation, sci-fi, horror and music videos—will take place at The Dog and Duck at midnight for $20. The films include “Worldquake” by Germany’s Rico Herre, “Compression” by Georgia’s Oliver Smith, “A Silent Scream” by Germany’s Christian Skibinski, “Adnexa Oculi” by England’s Ana Camila Cojan, “Vessel” by Pennsylvania’s Stephanie Yuhas, “Goodman” by North Carolina’s Andrew Higgins, “Plane X” by Tennessee’s Jonathan Baltzly, “Solito” by Brazil’s Eduardo Reis, “SSSHHH” by Great Britain’s Emma Payne and several Queens filmmakers, such as Davin Rubin’s “David Bowie: I Am the Polish Army,” Cool Kid Comedy’s “Surgeon Secrets,” Tristian Goik’s “Fashion Cave,” Luke Williams, Ian Hurdle and Justin Gilman’s “Bug Snack.”

The final day of the festival will be held at the Thalia Spanish Theatre, includes free admission and is open to the public. At noon on July 23, the winners of the Audience Choice Awards for each screening will be announced. For more information, visit the film festival’s website at

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