By Faith Or DNA, We’re All One Human Family

A Personal Perspective

An elder at my church sent me a curious email after sunset this past Wednesday evening. “Happy New Year,” it said. So, I did a double check of the date to make sure it wasn’t an old email from Jan. 1.

But the date was Sept. 20, 2017. So, I thought, either this beloved elder is either referring to Rosh Hashanah or he’s losing it. So, I emailed to confirm and he responded that, indeed, he was referring to Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

He explained that born again Christians become seeds of Abraham, “and therefore you are in the Family of God, through Jesus Christ. We are Judeo-Christians—so, Happy New Year!”

I think most of us who are Christians are aware of the Abrahamic connection, but most of us may not have felt any connection to the holiday and, therefore, not viewed it as a cause for anyone but the Jewish people to celebrate.

Many of us don’t take the time to understand other people and their religions. But in a melting pot like New York, it behooves us to know more about the people with whom we work and to whom we sometimes live next door. You never know to whom you may be spiritually connected or linked by DNA.

One of my sisters recently took the DNA test and was shocked at how many different nations of origin constitute her—and our—genetic make-up. We know those tests are not an exact science—and no one in my family will be dressing the part or start collecting objet d’art from around the world. Nonetheless, those tests are intriguing.

The bottom line, however, is that whether by DNA or biblical lineage, there is interconnectedness amongst the human family. It goes to show that no one is better than anyone else. America had, at least on the surface, come a long way in starting to recognize this fact. But the clock turned back during the 2016 elections and has gotten worse under the new president.

Most of us were so hopeful that Hillary Clinton would win that election and the country would continue on the path of light engendered by President Barack Obama. Rather, she lost and now seeks financial gain from it with a new book.

The tome What Happened is the former secretary of state’s take on the election and why she lost. She does not take sufficient responsibility for that loss. But we did not need a book to tell us what happened. It’s quite simple, really.

She ran a lousy campaign and allowed a big bag of wind to get the better of her. It is because of “what happened’ that the country is now more divided than it has been in many decades. Racism, sexism, religious intolerance, ethnic hatred and so much more are thriving again. So what happened, Hillary? We’re looking at him every day and we are terrified.

This has been the year of living frightfully, to paraphrase a movie title. What happened was that the dumbest, most divisive person who could have won did just that.

As a people, we need to come together and fight the bigotry he indulges. We should live as one American family.

Indeed, as one human family.

Happy New Year!

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