Calculate Higher Fares

Queens commuters took yet another hit this week, after the MTA raised fares for buses and subways. But never fear, they’ve made it easier to see how much more you’re paying.

On March 22, the MTA increased bus and subway fares another 25 cents – bringing the average fare to $2.75 per ride.

Along with the increase, the MTA has given us a handy calculator that will tell you how many rides you get for the amount you put on it, and the leftover balance. If you have less than $2.75 on your card, it will suggest how much more money you can give the MTA.

This all leaves us wondering if the MTA should use this calculator to calculate itself out of its fiscal disaster.

Meanwhile, using a REAL: calculator, we figured out the fare increase translates into a four percent increase for travelers who purchase a 30-day unlimited ride MetroCard, bringing the total to $116.50.

Happy commuting!

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