Campus Magnet Seniors Keep School Functioning


Over at the Benjamin Franklin High School for Finance and Information Technology in the Campus Magnet Complex in Cambria Heights, students are helping their teachers and faculty around the building.

These “service students” help the staff to run the school more efficiently. These jobs help provide learning experiences and new skills, providing an understanding of how service assisting a community is good for society.

 Jameika Chambers

Jameika Chambers

Jameika Chambers is a senior who works in the office of Parent Coordinator Mr. Johnson during periods one and seven. This student helps with filing, answering the phone, making copies, delivering important paperwork to other offices and helping in a variety of other ways. She has taken Advanced Placement college-level government, wants to study law in her collegiate career and hopes to become a lawyer.

Christelle Paul

Christelle Paul

Christelle Paul is also a senior at Benjamin Franklin High. She does her service in the main office of the school for secretary Ms. Acosta, where she files paperwork, greets visitors, answers the phone, makes copes and runs errands.

In addition to these duties, she uses her ability to speak fluent Creole to translate for visitors and callers who may need assistance. Paul is heavily involved in the school’s athletic league, holding the position of left midfielder for the Campus Magnet girls soccer team. After high school, she wants to pursue a career as a pediatrician.

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