Carousel Amusement Village Debuts


Forest Park’s annual “Forest Park Carousel Amusement Village”—often referred to as “The Crown Jewel of Queens”—is scheduled to open this weekend with new kid-friendly rides.


Located at Forest Park Drive and Woodhaven Boulevard, the carnival will kick off this weekend and begin operating daily on April 1.

This year’s rides will include the Woodhaven Express Choo-Choo Train, Frog Hopper and the Forest Park Carousel. In addition to the rides, families can enjoy a number of traditional carnival games and treats, such as funnel cake and fried Oreos, which can be purchased at the Carousel Café.

“The 2018 season could not arrive any sooner,” said Daeshawn Grimes, the operations manager for the Forest Park Carousel Amusement Village. “We are very excited to share our off-season work with all our guests. Last year, we introduced the Frog Hopper ride and have a grand surprise in store for returning and new visitors that will debut in early summer.”

Tickets start at $3.50 per ride or game and can be purchased either individually or in bulk.
For more information, visit

Those interested on the park’s special events and this year’s schedule should visit the Forest Park Carousel Amusement Village Facebook page or follow @fpcarousel on Instagram for special offers.

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