CB 12 Discusses Mail Issues With Residents


Led by new Chairwoman Rene Hill, Community Board 12 kicked off its first general meeting of 2018 and addressed the many concerns of the community.

One of the top issues at Wednesday’s meeting was the spotty mail service that has proliferated throughout the borough. According to one resident, people in Southeast Queens have been going days without receiving mail on time, if at all.

“We are not getting mail on a regular basis,” the resident said. “It’s been nearly 10 days of no mail being delivered where I live.”

One board member, education chairwoman Joan Flowers, said that she has had issues trying to send mail out of the neighborhood.

“In my case, I have sent checks out to people and they have yet to receive them nearly 20 days later,” she said during the meeting. “It’s costing me money because I now have to put a stop payment on that check and reissue a new one.”
It has been a problem for a “couple of months now” residents said, and there has been little word on the cause of the issue until recently.

District Manager Yvonne Reddick told the PRESS of Southeast Queens that the issue has not only affected CB 12, but other neighborhoods such as Ozone Park, Glendale, Astoria, Maspeth and Flushing. She has received numerous phone calls from countless residents hoping to get some answers.

“It’s unbelievable,” Reddick said. “I can see this happening once or twice every couple of months, but this has been out of hand.”

While communication with the community board has been nearly nonexistent from the post office, Reddick said that she has been directing residents to the office of U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Jamaica), who has been working to resolve the issue.

Meek’s community liaison, Nathaniel Hezekiah, said that several staff members had met with the postmaster for the entire Southeast Queens area on Jan. 9.

“He talked about some of the issues that were going in regards to the snow and some of the challenges they’ve faced in regards to staff not coming into the post office, so mail could be delivered,” Hezekiah said. “So, over the last couple of days, they have been working to resolve those issues in specific areas.”

Hezekiah said that some of the affected areas have included Rochdale Village, South Ozone Park, Richmond Hill and Addisleigh Park. He added that Meeks’ office will meet again with the Southeast Queens postmaster next month. He urged residents who are still having issues with their mail to call the congressman’s office.

CB 12 board member Manny Caughman, who serves as chairman of the post office’s advisory board, said that while monthly meetings have been delayed over the past two months, he too has been in touch with the postmaster.

“The postmaster told me that he would be assigning a permanent worker on the Addisleigh Park route as well as a supervisor to check up on him,” he said. “I hope to check in with the [Addisleigh Park Civic] president to see if things have improved at all. Same with Rochdale.”

Caughman said that he will attend the meeting mentioned by Hezekiah to ensure that the community gets an answer on the longstanding issue.

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