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Scripture: John 8:36

The book’s author, John, captures a moment in which Jesus speaks about the power of truth particularly well. In verses 31 and 32 in this chapter of John, Jesus says, “If you abide in my word, you are my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Jesus goes on to explain that sin is simply spiritual slavery. What does spiritual slavery mean, you may ask? Any type of slavery or bondage creates false perceptions and it doesn’t allow you to see your potential of what you can become.

The best example I can point to is when Pharaoh saw the potential of the Hebrews and its vast numbers. Pharaoh became afraid. He believed that if the Hebrews wanted to overtake Egypt and his kingdom, they had a great chance in doing so. The devil does the same thing now in modern times to many believers and nonbelievers. Some will debate that there are some sins that are greater than others. They will try to convince themselves that the sins they commit are misdemeanors, rather than spiritual felonies. However, Jesus doesn’t express that here at all.

As a matter of fact, He simply says, “Whoever commits sin is a slave of sin.” Anything that goes against that is an old trick the devil has been playing on the minds of people from the beginning of time. The devil will sweet talk you into being disobedient to God if you give him the time.

We have seen this happen in the beginning of the Bible with Adam and Eve, when the devil persuaded them to do something that God specifically told them not to do. When you are disobedient to God, it is a sin. Nothing more, nothing less. Avoiding this problematic idea is simple—the Bible is your instruction book to make sure you live a righteous life that is free of sin. God makes it plain to His people that you are to serve no other gods but Him.

Similar to Pharaoh, the devil wants to keep you from the truth because the truth sets you free to see things clearly, rather than staying blind. The Hebrews thought that they were powerless to Pharaoh, but they outnumbered him. They thought bondage was their rightful place, but they were created as God’s chosen people. They thought slavery was their position, but they are sons and daughters of the King, and the royal kingdom is their inheritance. The Hebrews were blinded from the truth due to slavery and bondage.

Today, there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing and many Pharaohs with different titles. Although the titles and faces may have changed, the mentality has not. The devil wants to keep you from knowing your rightful place. From knowing, you are designated your destiny and promising purpose. Whenever you decide to stay in slavery through sin, you will never receive the miracles, breakthroughs and victories you desire in life because the master of sin will always keep you blinded to the truth. Seek truth, seek God and seek freedom.

In Matthew 7:7, the scripture informs us, “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” If you have been struggling as a result of sinful ways, I dare you to seek the truth and receive the visions, dreams and plans that God has for your life to succeed—to claim victory and not bow down. Don’t wait another minute, don’t be a slave to suppression, depression and dysfunction. Be a winner!

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