Cops Honored, Crime Down In 105th


This month’s 105th Community Council Meeting kicked off with Commanding Officer Inspector Jeffrey Schiff honoring two brave officers with the prestigious Cop of the Month award.

The 105th Precinct awarded officers Lisa Boystak and Joseph Contessa as cop of the month.

The 105th Precinct awarded officers Lisa Boystak and Joseph Contessa as cop of the month.

The quick thinking and persistence of officers Lisa Boystak and Joseph Contessa in a time of emergency helped save a woman’s life in early October, Schiff said. Recounting the tale, Schiff explained that an emergency situation that could have ended in tragedy ended up being a prime example of police officers helping those in need.

“They noticed a female screaming for help at the corner of 219th Street and Hempstead Avenue,” Schiff said. “Upon their approaching of her vehicle, their discovered an unresponsive 17-year-old female lying in the arms of another person in an adjacent vehicle.”

Schiff said that the officers immediately jumped into action. When they couldn’t find the pulse on the unconscious woman, they immediately called for EMS. But instead of waiting for EMS to arrive, they took matters into their own hands until help arrived.

“They then performed chest compressions for approximately nine minutes, while continuing to monitor for pulse,” Schiff said. “Prior to the arrival of EMS, the woman did regain a pulse. She later regained consciousness and was taken to Franklin General Hospital, where it was determined she suffered from an asthma attack, causing her to experience cardiac arrest.”

Schiff credited NYPD training for the officers’ actions.

“The officers used the basic life support training that NYPD provides to them to save this person’s life,” he said. The officer’s effective use of their training, their attention to detail and their judgment to make a significant call and providing immediate treatment to increase this woman’s chance of survival. Because they saved a life, they are Cops of the Month. Maybe they should even be Cops of the Year.”

After the brief ceremony, Schiff broke down the most recent crime statistics for the region. In the previous 28-day period, crime was down five percent compared to the same period in 2016. Overall, crime in the 105th Precinct is down four percent in 2017 compared to last year.

“We’re not doing too bad,” he said. “Remember that last year was a record year, the best in our COMPSTAT history. And we are still on track to surpass that.”

Overall, robberies were down five percent this past month. Burglaries also saw a significant 13-percent drop.
On the other hand, there were increases in grand larcenies and felony assaults.

Larcenies were up 18 percent, while the number of felony assaults rose 13 percent. Schiff specified that domestic violence played a huge role in the rise of felony assaults, with 66 to 70 percent of the reported incidents being first-time offenses. He reiterated the importance of informing law enforcement of domestic violence when it occurs and promised that the 105th Precinct would crack down on these incidents.

“It’s very difficult to combat domestic violence,” Schiff admitted. “The first step, however, is to report it. Once it’s reported, now we know that there’s a victim out there and that they need help. At least now that it’s in our system, should there be a recurring, trend or prolonged problem over time, we know what’s going on with that individual, and we can get them the appropriate help.”

The last community council meeting for the year will take place on Dec. 27.

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