Crime Falls As Arrests Go Up In 105th


Crime is down and arrests are up in the 105th Precinct, according to Commanding Officer Inspector Jeffrey Schiff.
At a recent community council meeting in Queens Village, Schiff gave constituents a rundown of index crimes in the area as well as an update on arrests and trends.

Last month, crime was down 12.6 percent, compared to March 2016.

“If you take a look, robberies are down 31 percent,” Schiff said. “Assaults for the month are down 31 percent. Burglaries are down 47 percent. Grand larceny autos are down 45 percent. Grand larcenies, though, are up 54 percent.”

In turn, arrests for these crimes have gone up, leading to a reduction in the amount of crime. Arrests for robbery and felony assaults are up 66 percent and 78 percent, respectively, compared to the same 28-day period last year. According to the commanding officer, this trend shows a direct correlation.

“If you look at the year to date, we have 47 robberies,” Schiff said. “But our robbery arrests, we are at 40 arrests. This is why we are down. An individual typically doesn’t commit a robbery one time. They usually do it multiple times. When you take them off the street, well, guess what? There’s a reduction in that kind of activity in the command.”

While grand larcenies are up, arrests compared to last year have been a steadier growth, compared to some other index crimes. At 20 percent, Schiff said that 27 out of 53 of the crimes are attributed to identity theft. Many of these result in the unauthorized use of credit cards or bank accounts.

Shootings in the 105th have also dropped. Despite one close call, there have been no shooting incidents in 2017.

On March 26, in front of a residence at 141-15 256th Street, a verbal altercation over money led to a shooting. As the victim entered his car to retrieve money, the perpetrator brandished a firearm, shooting twice at the victim. The first bullet shattered the car’s passenger window and entered a nearby home, landing in a bedroom.

The perpetrator then fired a second time as the victim exited his car. The bullet entered the victim’s pant leg and traveled its way to his wallet, shattering his credit cards.

“That’s how close this guy came,” Schiff said to a room full of gasps. “The victim was not injured, but it was a lucky shot. We know who the perpetrator is in this incident and it’s only a matter of time before we locate him.”

After running through a list of arrests made by officers in the precinct, Schiff warned residents about the legitimacy of Craigslist for any number of services, including commerce and trade. Last week, the Press of Southeast Queens reported that a recent meeting between two individuals in Rosedale ended in a gunpoint confrontation. No injuries resulted from the altercation, but police made an arrest and obtained three guns, fake credit cards and various swords and machetes.

Schiff updated residents on how the precinct is addressing issues with local nightlife establishments. The 105th recently met with nearly 150 residents, elected officials and community board members as well as owners, managers and security personnel from 25 different nightlife locations to discuss quality of life issues.

“We showed a united front in letting these people know that while this is a free enterprise system, if you work in society, you have a responsibility to engage the community in a responsible way, especially when alcohol is involved,” Schiff said.

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