Declare Your Shift Is Coming


Greater Springfield Community Church
Scripture – Job 22:27-28

Today, I challenge you to declare that your shift is coming. The scripture prompts you to do this in verse 27, “Thou shall make thy prayers unto Him, and He shall hear thee.” Then, in verse 28, the word says, “Thou shall also decree a thing, and it shall be established.”

The scripture tells us today simply to ask for what you need and declare what you want established in your life. Whatever you need—a shift in your health, a shift in your finances, a shift in your marriage, a shift in your home, a shift on your job or even a shift in your church.

Whatever you need to shift, ask for it in prayer and decree it into the atmosphere. Sometimes, when we pray and decree, it doesn’t always look like anything is happening—but believe God is working things out for your good and, ultimately, for your future, even when you can’t see it. Many times, we are looking at things to happen instantaneously in the natural world, but the truth is that we serve a supernatural God. This means is that His plan cannot always been seen in the natural world because His works are being done first in the supernatural.

As God begins working intercessory on our behalf, we can’t always see it at first, but know that He is preparing to breathe life in your direction in a new way.

Declare your shift is coming. The doors that have been closed will soon open. The enemies you had in the past, you will see no more. The storm that has been a threat to your family will dissipate. The additions and bad habits that have held you back are now being destroyed.

This shift is not any ordinary shift. This is the shift of acceleration. The shift of abundance. The shift of propelling. This shift will remove all weights that have been holding you down from flying and soaring over your circumstance. God’s favor is being released in your life in a new way that will push to a breakthrough and propel you over all natural stresses and struggles. What should have taken you 20 years to accomplish, God is saying that He will do it in a fraction of a second.

When we get our shift from God, He will take us beyond where we could never have taken ourselves on our own. The best thing about the shift is that we can witness—along with our doubters watching—God do exceedingly abundant things above all that we can ever ask for or think, according to the power that works within us.

Begin to get in a habit of praying and declaring your success and your progress. Your words will be heard by God and your decree will be established.

God bless!

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