Deep Ghosh: A Dedication To Giving Back


Deep Ghosh, a second-generation immigrant from India, has dedicated his life to helping families maintain relationships that create a better environment for children and parents alike. Proud of his Indian heritage, Ghosh is the poster child for fulfilling the American dream.

Deep Ghosh

Deep Ghosh

Ghosh’s parents came to the United States in 1961 with great hopes. Like many parents, the Ghoshes arrived looking for opportunity and a chance to provide a prosperous future for their family. In 1967, Deep was born in Boston.

“I lived in Queens for most of my childhood and young adolescence,” Ghosh recalled. “My family moved into our Corona apartment on 108th Street in 1970, when I was 3.”

In his teenage years, his family moved to Bayside, where he would spend “the more memorable parts” of his childhood.

Although he looks back on his childhood with fondness, he admits that it wasn’t all easy going. As expected for first-generation immigrants, a new beginning meant settling for what was available to them.

“While I have many great memories of growing up in Queens, my family also went through some very turbulent times” Ghosh said. “It forced us into some challenging situations. Our hardship forced us to relocate a few times into some tough neighborhoods. It was through that that I saw what life was like in the poorer parts of New York City.”

His experience played a great role in his eventual career path, as it gave him a first-hand look at an often forgotten aspect of city life.

“I developed greater awareness and empathy for the challenges facing children and families born without the privilege that others are born into,” he said. “We live in a city of great inequity and I found passion in working in communities where families just need an ally.”

In 1993, following his collegiate career, he began his life as a professional at the Child Center of New York, which was then known as the Queens Child Guidance Center. The organization works to strengthen children and families with skills, opportunities and emotional support.

“We guide children from birth to adulthood with evidence-based, innovative programs that engage them with school and help them become secure, capable and confident,” Ghosh said.

The center works in five main program areas to accomplish this: early-childhood education, behavioral health, health homes and integrated care, prevention and family support and youth development.

After a quarter century, Ghosh finds himself working as senior vice president of external affairs and community engagement. It has given him the opportunity to help families in similar situations to that in which he found himself as a child.

“I have had the great pleasure of meeting thousands of people that I’ve served in some way,” he said. “And with the rise of social media as a primary form of connection, it’s become impossible not to stay in touch. I feel a genuine love for many of the folks I’ve met along the road, and it’s always a great feeling to revisit the past. As I’ve grown, it’s also become clear to me that it’s just as important to stay in touch with the thousands of youth workers that we’ve employed over the year. The young men and women in the communities we’ve impacted are so important to delivering quality.”

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