Don’t Annoy The Judge

Council Halloran DanGrowing up as a child, nothing can be more frustrating than when your siblings get in trouble and they tell your parents that you did the same thing. No parent falls for that, nor does it get the original perpetrator out of the original crime.

White Plains Federal Judge Kenneth Karas did not fall for that either when former City Councilman Daniel Halloran’s attorney pulled that same stunt during Halloran’s trial last week.

Attorney Vinoo Varghese attempted to drag former Mayor Michael Bloomberg into Halloran’s bribery trial, suggesting that Bloomberg paid Republican Party bosses under the table for their support.

“You’re flirting with being asked to sit down and I’ve never had to do that in a case before,” Karas said.

Halloran may want to consider a different defense strategy, since we here at QConf do not see anyway a federal judge would give any weight to the “My friends did it too!” excuse.

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