Don’t Jeopardize Your New Life


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: – Luke 5:37

“And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the new wine will burst the skins and it will be spilled, and the skins will be destroyed.”

Are you ready to stretch, soar and expand into a new chapter of your life? Many of us say we are, but we do not prepare ourselves physically, mentally or spiritually for the “new beginning.” This particular scripture speaks about how wasteful it is to place new wine into old wine skins. The old wine skins, which have been worn down already, will stretch and burst, wasting the new wine before one can enjoy it. It is an old metaphor, but the comparison still works today.

The same goes for life. You can’t place a new perception into an old mindset. You may have suffered some setbacks. You may have experienced a negative past. But don’t let your setbacks and past jeopardize a promising future. It’s impossible to hold on to the past, pains and sufferings and walk into a new realm of thinking, reasoning and perceiving. The very thing you may have experienced, that you consider a hindrance, may very well be no more than a “training session” to prepare you for where God wants to take you.

Allow me to share a piece of my personal pain. What I once thought was a hindrance of not having my biological father in my life created a deep pain from within. However, when I look back, I now see that God created this scenario as a training ground for me to become the best father I can be, so my children one day would never feel that same kind of hurt. These experiences are not to put us under, but to learn from and use it to make the path easier for someone else. My training empowered me to further my education and write a dissertation called “Fighting Fatherlessness.” The very topic that was once a painful experience, I turned it around because I knew I was called for more.

The best thing about a troubled past is that God gives us the power to overcome, transform and make a change. I can honestly say that if I pursued my future in an old frame of mind with animosity, non-forgiveness and bitterness, I would have jeopardized the new levels of accomplishment that God had on reserve for me.

The Bible declares that your future will be better than your past. Our faith in God allows us to walk into His promises over our life. Prepare for your newness, do the following:

1) Remove all negative past thinking from your memory banks.

2) Never doubt yourself if God has given you a vision, no matter how impossible it may look.

3) Write down all the things that you would like to accomplish in life. Keep it close to you at all times or somewhere you can see it daily.

4) Change the old “wine skin” in your life and move forward with a new strategy on accomplishing your goals.

You may have had some setbacks in life—things you may never understand—but you have come too far to turn back now. Don’t allow your past to hold you back. It’s time to step into the new. It’s time to get a new look. Step into a new and bigger vision. Wake up with a new attitude. Walk with a new stride. Loose the old self and get a new swag, knowing that God has not called you to be stuck, but He has called you to start this new chapter—one filled with favor, blessings and victory. This is your time to begin your countdown to leave the old behind and launch a new you.

Count with me: 5…4…3…2…1…Lift off! Let go of the old and go live the new. God Bless!

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