Enhanced Summer Police Presence Coming To Jamaica


Jamaica residents will see an enhanced 113th Precinct this summer out on the streets as additional officers will be on patrol.

As part of the Mayor’s mobilization of 200 officers from the offices onto the streets, 17 officers will be coming to the 113 for 90 days according to Assistant Chief David Barrere of the Patrol Borough Queens South.

The precinct will also be getting 27 officers from the 101 Precinct and nine officers from the 103 Precinct. This will give the precinct 66 officers patrolling on foot through the area.

Assistant Chief David Barrere is getting a boost to his patrol force in South Queens.

Assistant Chief David Barrere is getting a boost to his patrol force in South Queens.

“We’re putting them in violence-prone locations,” Barrere said. “They’re getting a nice shot in the arm; it will be a good boost.”

The 17 officers traditionally had staff jobs, but now they will be patrolling on Rockaway Boulevard between the Van Wyck Expressway and 150th Street. The other impact officers will be placed on Sutphin Boulevard from Rockaway Boulevard to 110th Avenue and on Guy R. Brewer Boulevard from Foch Boulevard to 137th Avenue.

Barrere said that Police Commissioner Bill Bratton or the precinct commander have the ability to move the officers at a moments notice if a serious crime or incident occurs in a different location. They do not need to get permission or deal with any red tape like they did under the previous administration, Barrere said.

State Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Hollis) met with Bratton in April and asked for additional officers to be assigned to Southeast Queens. On Monday, Smith thanked the Commissioner for the reinforcements.

Smith has been a proponent of anti-crime and anti-gun violence programs, including the one he founded called Operation SNUG that has held several successful gun buy-backs. Smith also holds public safety meetings on the first Wednesday of each month as part of his Operation Safe Southeast Queens program.

“Public safety is a top priority for me as a legislator and resident of the 14th District,” Smith said. “I am pleased that Commissioner Bratton was able to deliver more police officers to the 113th Precinct. I am hopeful that this will help reduce crime and make our community safer.”

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