Ex-NYPD Chief In FBI Probe

Former Chief of the New York City Police Department is facing a federal investigation according to the New York Post.

Philip Banks was a former St. Albans resident who worked his way up to being the third ranking member of the NYPD before suddenly stepping down 2014. Banks was on the verge of being promoted to deputy commissioner when he stepped down, shocking the city with his decision. It has now been revealed that Banks was involved in a federal investigation connecting him to a pair of businessmen who were paying members of the police off in exchange for favors. Some of these favors include private police escorts for personal deliveries and security services. Banks personally received payments to cover his housing bills as well as two trips to the Dominican Republic. He also received thousands of dollars as bonuses to the lavish gifts.

Commissioner Bill Bratton released a statement on the matter Thursday afternoon, explaining the NYPD’s role in the investigation.

“The public has an expectation of a high degree of trust and integrity in its police department,” Bratton wrote. “I met again this morning with Diego Rodriguez, the Assistant Director of the FBI, and his team to discuss the current status of our on-going joint investigation. The NYPD initiated an investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau at the end of 2013. That NYPD investigation was joined with an on-going FBI and Department of Justice investigation in early 2014. That on-going joint investigation has been underway for more than two years now.”
Bratton said that the officers involved in the crime violates the basic ethics of what the department teaches their recruits.

“The potential violations under investigation include violations of NYPD rules and policies, the City conflicts of interest rules and the federal criminal laws,” he explain. “The investigation is examining the conduct of current and former NYPD Officers and several others.”

The investigation will continue, and Bratton said that the department “will follow the leads wherever they take us.”

–Trone Dowd

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