Fan Hopes To Bring Rock Band To Queens


A hardcore Pearl Jam fan wants his favorite band to hit Forest Hills like a “Lightning Bolt.”

Daniel Sheffer has started fundraising to bring the Seattle grunge rock band to the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium.

The site he created,, aims to raise enough money to pay for the band to play the historic stadium, as well as costs related to a concert like the booking fee and logistical costs for the show.

Sheffer said he wants to bring Pearl Jam to Forest Hills because it would be terrific to see his favorite band grace the same stage that other music legends have played on in the past, including The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

The site offers a couple of donation options if you are looking to contribute to the cause. If you donate $1, it would just be a small donation to their fund. If you are willing to dish out $80, you will get one ticket to the proposed show that will be given out in a lottery, according to the site.

The highest donation of $1,000 will net you four tickets to the show as well as a mystery box full of Pearl Jam memorabilia.

He has raised over $51,000 as of Monday and the total has not yet yielded.

Sheffer said he is surprised by the wave of support the cause has gotten in the days following its launch.

“I thought it would be very slow and it would kind of just disappear,” he said.

His goal for the campaign is to raise at least $100,000 for the show’s bank.

For more information on the movement or if you would like to donate, please visit

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