Five Stand-Out Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

18-Five-Gifts-for-Mothers-DayNeed a Mother’s Day gift that truly shines? Take these fun and practical ideas into consideration.

1. A clean house. Let mom take a load off now and again. Hire a cleaning service once a month for a year—or, if you’re on a budget, do it yourself. From laundry to dishes, an IOU ticket to take care of the chores she would usually handle will give mom an opportunity to take more time for herself to read a book or go out with friends.

2. A classic accessory. If you’re looking for something classic, give mom an accessory that combines function and fashion, such as a classic timepieces, toiletry bags, leather goods or writing instruments.

3. Some rest and relaxation. Send mom for a spa day, where she can select the treatments and services she wants best. Or, help her to create a spa-like environment at home, with face masks, a foot spa and bath bombs for the tub.

4. A hobby. Has mom always wanted to learn to play piano? Consider gifting portable technology to help her achieve this dream. There are also a variety of craft gift packages you can give your mother through which she can learn to make everything from jewelry and ceramics to flower crafts or even small furniture.

5. Time together. Spend some quality time with mom. Take a cooking class or comedy workshop together—or, look for sip and paint options, where you learn painting skills while enjoying a glass of wine or beer. Local cafes and bars often host such events—however, you might want to check out the community center or community college for class options as well.

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