Flooding Resolution Seemingly In Sight For SEQ

A Personal Perspective

Flooding and sewer problems don’t make for “sexy” stories—but, for Rosedale, it is welcome news that a reported $25 million project is getting underway in the area to ease flooding issues that have left residents vexed.

To the frustration of area homeowners and motorists, extreme flooding has dogged the Southeast Queens enclave for decades. Mayor after mayor after mayor has talked about fixing the problem and, finally, it seems that a mayor is about to get it right.

Mayor Bill de Blasio—in obvious response to legislative and other demands from Councilman Donavan Richards, the area’s Council rep—allocated a (reported) $1.7 billion two years ago to fix the problem once and for all.

Workers are now on-site.

Much of Southeast Queens has suffered from flooding problems, but Rosedale has borne the brunt of it and, hopefully, the community will be able to rise above the tide of destruction in the future. This problem has gone on for far too long. At times, the flooding in parts of Rosedale has been so bad that motorists have turned back or found alternate routes for shopping trips to the Five Towns shopping areas.

Water along Brookville and Hook Creek Boulevards gets so high at times, you fear your car engine will shut off if you risk going through. And that is nothing compared to finding out that your basement is flooded once again.

There are residents who, over the years, would have loved to sell and move to dryer areas, but the reputation of the place precedes it. Educated consumers know there is a problem and they don’t want it.

Hopefully, with larger sewer pipes and other abatement efforts, residents will finally be able to enjoy their homes and motorists can go shopping without checking if the forecast calls for rain. Of course, timing is everything and the timing of the work bodes well for the mayor, who has had some stumbles along the way during his tenure.

The challengers are lining up for this year’s election but, so far, no serious contender has become apparent. Obviously, it’ll take more than fixed sewers in Southeast Queens to persuade voters to give him another term—but barring any major mess ups or challenge from a dynamic, accomplished opponent, he should be okay.

But back to Rosedale, Springfield Gardens and other places that will benefit from the flood fix—this is the gift that will keep on giving for decades to come. No homeowner should have to suffer such terrible inconveniences and expenses and no community should have to feel that its problems don’t matter as much as those in other areas.

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