Forest Hills Woman Creates Mobile Art Bus


Tiffany Pierce—a Forest Hills resident and mother who home-schools her children, and has a love for art and advocacy—is planning to bring the first mobile art studio to the city.

The bus would be available travel to city schools, but also any city resident who makes a request to utilize it for a party or function.

“I want to create an art colony,” said Pierce. “I want to be able to connect cultures and countries and children together with the use of art.”

18-NYC-art-bus-(use-this-one)Pierce said that her concept was inspired by having led art classes with people who speak various languages in Queens, which is the most diverse county in the world.

“Art is its own language,” said Pierce. “I have a lot of Russian and Spanish speaking parents and nannies in my art classes and although they may not understand what I’m saying, the demonstration alone is able to make them laugh, smile and share in the moments that go beyond verbal language. Art is just what is needed today in the landscape of our country. It doesn’t matter your political affiliation, it’s about the connection—and I’m so supportive of connections.”

Through networking and connecting with other borough businesses, Pierce has been able to host art classes in many of Queens’ cafes, facilities and parks. However, Pierce said that too many low performing schools in the city lack art classes and studios.
To ensure that art is available for children across the city, Pierce has created the city’s first art bus, which is slated to launch this summer, just in time for the start of the 2018-2019 school year.     

When the bus launches, it will have an accompanying app that would inform schools and city residents where the bus will be on any given day. However, Pierce said that she will base the bus’ operations in Forest Hills.    

As Pierce prepares for an art bus Kickstarter campaign, she is asking mothers who are entrepreneurs and small business owners for their input on ways to make the bus successful as well as seeking possible collaborations. She asks that anyone with input contact her directly at
Although the art bus is still a work in progress, Pierce will continue to hold classes and workshops throughout the borough in the meantime.

For more information on the art bus, visit

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