Former Body Shop To Become Medical Facility


A two-story medical facility is being developed at the former site of Glendale’s Central Auto Collision, Community Board 5 leaders said.

Mark Klich, a New York-based developer, is creating the medical facility at the site of the former auto repair shop, located at 64-25 Central Ave. in Glendale.

Rendering of the medical facility by Kris Kozlowski Architects

Gary Giordano, district manager for Community Board 5, said that although there are a few doctors’ offices within two or three blocks of the site, there are no facilities similar to the one being developed on Central Avenue.

He said that the developer would create office facilities for a general medical clinic on the second floor and a ground-floor parking lot with 21 parking spaces, rather than the 42 spaces that would typically be required for a building that size.

Thomas Gilbert, a parking consultant for the developer, said that the building would be forced by city zoning to have more parking spots if it were a typical doctor’s office. But since it is a medical facility, the developer is applying for a special permit to allow the site to operate with less parking.

He noted that the property does not have enough room to provide parking for an office building.

The site as it is now. Photo by Jon Cronin

Gilbert said that he researched the impact that the parking situation at the site would have on the neighborhood and looked at other clinics to observe their parking needs.

“They’re pretty minimal,” he said.

Gilbert also looked into the peak hours of parking for such clinics and found that the surrounding Glendale neighborhood would provide “ample parking.”

“Even if you go 10 blocks north, parking is more difficult,” he said. “It’s fairly easy to park in this area.”

He added that Wyckoff Heights Medical Center had been looking at the site for a possible outpatient center since that area is where many of their patients are located.

Gilbert noted that Wyckoff Heights Medical Center has two clinics, at 14-11 and 14-19 Myrtle Ave. in Brooklyn, and neither site has parking.

Vincent Arcuri, who is CB 5’s chairman and sits on the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center’s board of trustees, said that a representative from the medical center inspected the property and hopes to open an outpatient center there if Wyckoff can get funding from the state for the venture. Arcuri added that the area would be perfect since it has the largest concentration of senior citizens in Queens.

The building was designed by Kris Kozlowski Architects in Brooklyn.

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