Former WWE Exec Tag Teams With SEQ Org



Community activist and nonprofit founder Kevin Livingston made yet another high profile connection this past week as he continued in his mission to help the city’s most vulnerable through his 100 Suits for 100 Men organization.

This man received a suit, courtesy of 100 Suits and businessman Shane McMahon. Photo via Facebook

This man received a suit, courtesy of 100 Suits and businessman Shane McMahon. Photo via Facebook

Businessman Shane McMahon, who is the son of World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Vince McMahon and current U.S. Small Business Administration administrator Linda McMahon, donated 25 custom-made suits to Livingston’s organization.

“WWE love!” Livingston declared on a post via social media. “Thank you for believing in what we do.”

McMahon—who once played the snobby, preppy son of the evil WWE owner Mr. McMahon—returned to the WWE in February. He wrestled in one of the three main events of Wrestlemania 32 last year, taking on the Undertaker, and fought in the opening contest of Wrestlemania 33 in April. Today, he acts as a force of good as the general manager of Smackdown Live every Tuesday night.

As of Tuesday, one of McMahon’s suits was already being put to use.

“Today, we suited a brother who just came home from 12 years of incarceration with one of the Shane McMahon suits,” Livingston announced, posting a photo of the recipient. “He is starting a business and we had our mentoring session with a follow up to help him on his goal.”

In an interview with the PRESS of Southeast Queens, Livingston said that McMahon had heard about 100 Suits through a mutual friend. While visiting the city, Livingston’s friend, Erica Serotta, said that she was “very impressed” by the work that was being done in Southeast Queens. Little did Livingston know, Serotta was also a publicist working for McMahon.

“The next time we met, she pulled me aside and said, ‘I have something for you,’” he recalled. “Next thing I know, she pulls out these beautiful suits—I mean, beautiful.”

He said that McMahon’s donation will be used to help with 100 Suits’ latest initiative—helping those serving time on Rikers Island make a change once they are released from prison. The volunteers from 100 Suits helped the prisoners by registering them to vote, bringing in motivational speakers and connecting them to helpful resources in their respective communities.

The high-profile donation is merely the latest for Livingston and his organization. Two months ago, 100 Suits made national news after former star quarterback, activist and philanthropist Colin Kaepernick donated 50 suits to Livingston to help dress those looking to turn their lives around. The partnership between the 100 Suits founder and former 49ers player quickly went viral on the internet. Livingston attributed recent successes for the nonprofit to the splash that Kaepernick’s donation made.

The nonprofit helps men across the city get back into the workforce “by providing solutions to help those individuals get to a place of economic freedom and by helping to reduce recidivism rates through a variety of programs.” These programs include job and interview training to help individuals get better acquainted with the process of getting hired, styling tips, free haircuts and one-on-one sessions. In May, 100 Suits expanded its work to help women, providing similar services.

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