From Nothing To Something


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Genesis 1:2-3 “The earth was formless and empty…and God said, ‘Let there be light’…”

From the beginning, God showed us that He is the creator of everything that we depend on in this life on Earth—from light to water and every animal that we eat. God has also shown us that He has awarded us human beings as His ambassadors to rule this world and have dominion over it. Since He made us different, He has different plans for our lives than He has for any other living thing.

When we look at this scripture, it shows us that God took something that was formless and void and created something that is complicatedly beautiful to the human mind. Therefore, when things seem to be impossible with humans, it is very possible with God. As a living testimony to you today, I can assure you that God can take your empty spaces and voids in your life and create something that would astound the human mind. He can take your most unthinkable dreams and shape them into reality. He can resurrect your dead dreams, gifts and talents. The Bible says that He can make all of your crooked paths straight.

We are reminded in the Bible that we are created in the image of God almighty. He has made you not on an assembly line, but as a designer’s original. Your fingerprints are unique and one of a kind. This is to remind you that God took His time in creating you to look the very way you look. God has also placed things inside of you to do extraordinary things that will bring miracles in your surroundings by speaking power to your atmosphere in the same way that your father spoke light to darkness.

Don’t give up on God because God has surely not given up on you. He has placed words in your heart to be spoken into existence. The power in your words that you release into the atmosphere can and will not only change your life, but can and will change the lives of those around you. I have watched people put their trust in humans and accomplish nowhere near what they can accomplish with God’s help.

I dare you to speak healing to your broken heart, life to your dead dreams and hope to your hopeless thinking. With God on your side, you should keep an attitude of expectancy and walk the path of faith. I can testify that if you acknowledge Him in all your ways, He will turn everything around for you and create something out of nothing.

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