God Can Still Use You


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Exodus 4:10

I watch people beat themselves up due to past mistakes or imperfections that they perceive of themselves.

Many times, when God calls someone to do a task, people shut down or try and talk themselves out of the calling that God has placed on their life because they feel not worthy, not prepared or not qualified for the task that has been asked of them.

Moses was called from God to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt, where they resided under the tyrannical rule of the pharaoh in bondage and slavery. Moses felt that there must be someone else who could do the job better than he could. He even suggested to God to choose his brother, who was a better speaker and more articulate with words. But when we look at the Bible as a whole, in many instances we find God using the unexpected.

We should know that many of the names mentioned in the Bible had flaws, faults, handicaps and issues—just like we do in this modern age.

We are very much alike in many ways to those in biblical times. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Forgiveness is part of God’s character and He never allows your current situation to stand in the way of His plans for your future. Therefore, it is vital for you to do the same. If God has forgiven you for your past or even present sins, you must do the same to others and also to yourself. Stop putting yourself down. Stop saying you can’t do something. Stop thinking you’re less than others because you may not think your accomplishments count.

God has made you to be successful. He has made you to be the best you can be. The Bible says that he has made you to be the head—and not the tail. In other words, He has made you to be in control of your destiny and not live other people’s destinies. God has shown us, not only through the story of Moses, that He does the possible when we think it’s impossible, but also in many others throughout the Bible. When we look at our life, we will notice our situation is no different than others whom God has used in a mighty way. We all have fractures in our character, but God is more concerned about your faith than your fractures.

If you have faith and are willing to do the work, God will address your every need and use you in a great way.

As we see, Moses was a murderer and wasn’t a good speaker, but He used him to lead a people out of slavery and bondage. Noah was a drunk, but God used him and his family to save the human race and repopulate the world. Rahab—a prostitute—was used to help God’s messengers to escape from angry people who were seeking to kill them. Jacob was a liar, but was used to establish the 12 tribes of Israel. Gideon was afraid, but defeated the biggest army of that time. Isaiah preached naked. Martha was a worrisome soul. Jonah ran from God. Joseph was abused. Timothy had a serious health issue. Elijah was suicidal. David had an affair and was a murderer. Jeremiah was considered too young. Abraham was considered too old. Jesus Disciples fell asleep while praying. The Samaritan woman was divorced and Lazarus was dead. If God was able to use all of these individuals in a mighty way, despite their flaws, be encouraged that God can you use too.

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