“God Expects You To Increase”


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Matthew 25: 14-30

This parable teaches us what God is expecting us to do with the talents, gifts and other possessions we may have. It brings us to an understanding that our creator does not expect us to be lazy in kingdom building or even the building of our own lives.

At the beginning of a new year, most people possess a new profound energy to go to the gym, start a new diet, begin exciting new projects around the house or fulfill whatever promises they have made to themselves the year before. What’s wrong with most end-of-year promises however, is that they end up being unfulfilled. The reason this happens is because their mind was never conditioned for the task.

Some people talk faster than they think. Therefore, the words that come out of their mouth are not backed up with the work that is needed to make sure the task is completed. The Bible tells us that it is better to finish a task than to start. Two out of the three men who received gifts from their master in this scripture found themselves prepared for such a task. When the opportunity arose, it wasn’t about them talking up what they were going to do. Instead, the task was done with little to no fanfare. When the master came back from his journey, the two men who used their money to invest their money were well rewarded. The third man who buried the treasure, however, was not.

This New Year should be the year you choose to use the talents and gifts God has given you. This parable illustrates that when you don’t use it, you will surely lose it. Stepping out of your comfort zone this year will probably be the best move you make for yourself. Don’t look at your job as being dead end and not do anything about it. You need to look at your job as being a training ground to the next step of employment. Get the training, get the skill and move forward.

These two men who were able to double the money of their master had a plan and executed it by following that plan. It’s more to just writing short- term and long term goals on paper. You actually have to do something about it. In order to make the best of your time you need to write out a plan of implementation along with the goals you have set before yourself to accomplish.

Get a calendar in front of you. For the beginning of January, write down a goal you wish to accomplish. With every goal, write down a plan of implementation. One of the reasons why so many people fail in accomplishing their goal is because they haven’t a clue on how they will implement it. Take one major task and work on that task rather than try and resolve all your issues together. The chances of failing go up significantly when you take on too much at one time.

Repeat these steps for additional months as the year goes on. Once you embrace the structure of tackling your goals, you can apply it to any long-term or short-term life accomplishment. Set your goal, create a plan of implementation, and then set a date to execute. Don’t lose what you already have but get up, get going and get moving forward. The more you accomplish for God, God will give you more for your reward.

God bless!

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