God Is Calling You Into Your Future


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Acts 9:1-9

God doesn’t call on the qualified. He just qualifies and equips who He calls. That is shown to be true with not just Paul—who is highlighted in this scripture—but just about everyone else in the New Testament, in my opinion.

You may not expect it. You may not see it coming. Possibly, just like me, you may not even feel ready. However, when God calls you, you better answer. God has issued His call on your life to give you the biggest and best destiny you could ever imagine.

Throughout the Bible, we meet people in parts of their lives in which they found themselves comfortable and working in areas they thought to be their one true calling. But when God calls, they respond. You must do the same.

Respond with a “yes” and He will take you from doing the ordinary to performing supernatural tasks. The choice is yours today. Will you walk into the great destiny God has in store for you? Or will you turn down the moment you been waiting for all your life?

In this scripture, Paul finds himself on a mission that he was convinced he was destined to do. However, God’s plan for his life was grander than the plan he had for himself. Paul was convinced that he was called to be a prosecutor toward the followers of Christ—but, in reality, God’s plan for Paul was to become the greatest evangelist and kingdom builder during his time, going on to contribute more books to the New Testament than any other author.

Sometimes, we never know what God has planned for us until He calls us. One of the best feelings one can feel is that of helping someone in need. God calls us into a future that will make a positive impact on others because, ultimately, it makes an impact on you. Paul was knocked off his horse, blinded and under the care of a complete stranger. Paul must have felt ashamed, powerless and clueless as to what was going to happen next in his life, but nevertheless he answered the Lord’s calling.

Sometimes, God has you go through something you may believe to be tragic—but, simply put, it is nothing more than just grabbing your attention. God had more in store for Paul then Paul had for himself. When God calls you, He is calling you into the more. More knowledge, more anointing, more wisdom, more favor, more influence and more victories. When you have answered your call and operate in your purpose, there is no lacking. God wants to expand your horizon.

Think about Matthew 4:18-19, another scripture that reminds me of what God has in store for those who answer the call. Jesus told Simon, Peter and his brother Andrew, who were working class, unassuming fishermen, “Follow me.”

His reasoning? “I will make you fishers of men.” See, God wants to upgrade your destiny to the purpose He has for you. Do yourself the biggest favor you can do: answer the call.

God bless you!

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