Hate The Game

halloranFormer Councilman Daniel Halloran has become a regular guest on our weekly QConf page, and he continues to make himself worthy of the ink.

He took the witness stand to defend himself last week, during his corruption trial in White Plains Federal Court and unsurprisingly did not help his case.

He compared the City political machine to a brothel that requires its women of the night to beg for contributions.

“Everyone who’s running is in a sense a whore, because you have to go around begging for money,” Halloran said. “It’s not about ideas… all that matters is if you have the money.”

Halloran also mentioned the brain tumor he had removed two years ago to try and gain favor with the jury, even though Judge Kenneth Karas already denied that defense. Earlier this month, he tried pointing fingers at former Mayor Michael Bloomberg for committing similar crimes.

Don’t worry Dan, you don’t have to wear that red dress tonight. Those days are over. The government has a nice orange jumpsuit waiting for you.

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