Have Patience, Don’t Give Up!


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Galatians 6: 7-10

It stands to reason that nobody succeeds at everything all the time. We all fail and we all get discouraged. The trick is not in succeeding all the time, but in knowing how to handle our failures.

Paul makes a great point in verse 7 of Galatians, warning us of what many call the law of sowing and reaping. The one who sows to please his sinful nature will reap destruction. The one who sows to please the Spirit, on the other hand, will reap eternal life. Our souls are bought by Christ, but there is living value in the good you do. Therefore, every time you sow a virtue, you reap a crop of eternal living benefits—as certainly as sowing sin does supernatural damage.

We never know how much good can grow from the good we sow. It may seem small to us, even pointless at times, but God has a use for every good work you are called to do, no matter how big or small we may think it is. So, we must persist, we must have spiritual and physical stamina and we must be determined to endure by sewing good seeds in our life that have the power to trickle down through the generations.

Sometimes, we are unaware of the destructive behavior we are displaying in our lives that can be handed down to our children if are not careful of the traditions, habits and people we support in our circles of life. When we are connected with Christ, our spirit will embrace a gift of discernment. It is this discernment that will guide you to make the proper decisions to plant good seeds.

So, in verse 9, we find Paul talking to the righteous to not give up when doing a good work. It is hard and burdensome at times but, like Paul says, don’t give up because in due season, you will reap a good harvest. Many times we want to rush God to fix our issues but, as a witness, I can testify that you can’t beat God’s timing. Living in a technological age, we want things done in the blink of an eye. Although he is able, God doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes, God will have us waiting for a long time before we see the breakthrough. The point I want you to realize is that good things are coming your way— but if you choose to give up, then you’re deleting any possibility of receiving the blessings He may have on reserve for you at the most opportune time.

For example, no orchard keeper ever planted an apple tree one day, expecting to bake a pie the next. He had to plant, he had to weed, he had to fertilize, he had to water, he had to prune and he had to spray. This process goes on for months and years before he can see the manifestation of that apple pie. This works the same way in our lives. It takes patience and persistence to see the crop of prosperity, power and the abundance of life grow from the seeds we plant today. But if we give up, the tree will wither before it has a chance.

Keep doing what’s right, don’t give up the fight and, in its due season, you will reap a harvest that will go beyond all that you can imagine or think.

God bless!

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