Hillcrest High Student Gov President Impresses


Michelle Rendon


Michelle Rendon is the president of the Student Organization at Hillcrest High School. She works closely with student government advisor Haydee Recinos to organize activities for her colleagues, including blood drives, food drives, pep rallies, the senior prom, annual cancer walk and senior trip. She also works with other students from the leadership classes in the student government to keep the student body informed of charity fundraisers and other events.

It doesn’t stop at student government for Rendon. She is a member of the Teachers of Tomorrow Small Leadership Community and tutors at local schools, namely PS 48 in Jamaica and PS 149 in Jackson Heights. She currently believes that she might want to enter the medical field as a nurse or physician’s assistant. She is also involved in a number of athletic programs, including the volleyball club and indoor track and field team.

When she’s not helping youngsters with their academics, she is active in the Hillcrest Pump Club. Organized by Ashook Maystry, Pump Club members tutor students who need help in chemistry. She assists with the Scholars-on-Point program, which is comprised of seniors who help juniors evaluate college choices and assist with the application process. Lastly, she volunteers for several teachers and helps to organize their bulletin boards and mark quiz papers.

Through her extensive background tutoring at local Queens schools, she has obtained two internships in the process. As part of an after school program, “Read Alliance” at PS 49, Rendon reads to children after school is dismissed. Her other internship over the summer had her stationed at PS 149 as part of the Student Youth Employment Program (SYEP). There, she was an assistant in the summer camp.

She is now applying for a Queensbridge Scholarship. She said that this would help her with her hopes of getting admitted to an Ivy League school, such as Columbia or Stanford universities. 

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