Hillcrest High Students Earn New York Times Scholarship


Scholarship winners Abobaker Ahmad, Isabelle DiGaudio, Robert Pollock, Tasmin Islam and Aninta Das. Students Tamida Mollah and Shanique Vaughan, who also were recipients of the scholarships, were not present for the photo.


Several local students are semi-finalists of The New York Times College Scholarship Program 2017. Of the hundred of semi-finalists from the five boroughs, Hillcrest High School has a total of seven winners.

According to The New York Times, “These students have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, community service and commitment to learning often in the face of financial and other obstacles.”

Semi-finalist Tasmida Mollah commented that she was apprehensive regarding the honor, despite the long and often arduous application process.

“I felt that the semi-finalist application was difficult because it required three essays and my SAT scores,” Millah said. “However, once I received the news that I was a winner, I was so glad and proud of what I was able to accomplish.”

In addition to the scholarships, the winners will receive a laptop, internships at The New York Times, mentoring by staff members and cultural and civic activities.

The number of scholarships awarded each year is based on academic achievement and needs of the applicants accepted. Those who have made it to the finals of the prestigious award will be announced last this year.

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