Hillcrest Library Provides Students Access To The World

Hillcrest Library Provides Students Access To The World

The main library room features media equipment, such as Smart Boards.

The Hillcrest High School library is a place where students can obtain a wealth of information from any number of places, whether it’s from books, magazines, periodicals, videos or an abundance of other research sources.
The two librarians are Katherine O’Connel and Lavonia Fricano, who oversee most operations in the fully stocked resource center.

According to O’Connel, computers and printers are available with internet service. In addition to computers, research databases, which students can use for book reports and other research related assignments, are available for use at all times.

Frianco said there are specific rules that students need to follow when in the Hillcrest High School library.

“Whenever a student enters the library, he or she must show their program card to confirm they have no class that period,” she said.

Students can only use the library when they have study hall, lunch or a pass from a teacher. Eating or using a cell phone is not allowed, nor are students allowed to be noisy. Students are allowed to borrow up to three books at a time. Upon returning them, students are asked to return the books back to their proper places.

What might come as a surprise to many is that teachers are also asked to follow a set of rules.

“Teachers should only bring their classes to the media center for instruction on how to use the databases and resources for research assignments,” O’Connel said. “Three days’ notice is required, so the librarians can locate necessary material and give other students notice that the library may be closed or have limited access.”

This planning is done by email with the approval of Assistant Principal John Binet and the librarians.

“The Hillcrest library is a suitable peaceful place to study or finish homework,” student Tuli Das said. “Students can play chess in the sitting area during lunch. Librarians can even buy books that aren’t currently in the library if we request it.”

Students often volunteer in the library during their lunch period. There are often a few students behind the help desk every period who help other students and keep books arranged properly. Volunteers receive community service credit toward the 100 required for graduation. The library is full of hidden treasures of information for both students and teachers.

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