How To Win The War


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-12

The discussion of war is likely familiar to many of you. We hear so much about war and rumors of war these days around the world. War is part of the daily dinner table conversation in many of our households. If we are honest, some of us can testify that we are in a war right now. You may be in a war with your employer, significant other, children or friends.

Wars in our lives are presented to us on many levels. I would like to speak to you today regarding spiritual warfare. Spiritual wars can be more consuming and destructive to ourselves than the ones we fight naturally. If you live long enough, you will find yourself battling some inner thoughts that become challenging to your forward focus. The devil—who is your biggest enemy—is looking to devour you (1 Peter 5:8). He can only take control of you if he gets the opportunity to control your mind. It is your mind you must guard at all costs.

In that same verse in 1 Peter, we are told to be of “sober mind” and to “be watchful.” Today, the enemy is working harder than ever before. It should be your focus that—by all means necessary—you win the war. There may be some battles that you lose along the way, but it is the war that we should be concerned with winning.

Afflictions, trials, and challenges are all part of the process during war time. It is vital as the general leading your spiritual war against the enemy that you use your trials as learning experiences in which you have become more knowledgeable from each passing trial.

Your job in fighting a spiritual war is to be strategic. Every good war commander knows that there are basic things you need to know before going into battle. You need to be spiritually fit before you begin your war because if you are not, you will lose. So, allow me to provide some basic points on how to begin to win your war.

First, you must know your enemy. The Bible tells us about the enemy. Read your Bible and learn how the enemy works with his deceptive ways. Second, take a look at yourself, and take an inventory of your arsenal.

You must ask yourself how well you know the word of God, but also how well you are living the word of God.

Applying the word of God to your daily life strengthens your spiritual immune system.

It is similar to when you have a common cold—if your immune system is built up, the symptoms and battle can be minimal. After you do your homework to understand the patterns, powers and plans of your enemy and evaluate your defense and offense, then you must construct a game plan on how to go into combat. You know your weaknesses. Be sure to bring your concerns to the Lord in prayer and ask that he keeps your weaknesses hidden and protected from the enemy.

Remember, as the Bible says, your sword is the word of God and your shield is your faith. These are the two things you must make sure are unbreakable. You must read the Bible every day and live what you read. You resist the devil by living a righteous life and walking with faith in Jesus Christ. The war is not easy because it will continue from time to time for the rest of your life. But a good thing is to remember that God promised when you are one of His righteous, He will deliver you through it all.

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