Hyndman Announces Installation Of NYPD Cameras

New York State Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman announced this week the installation of the thirty state of the art Argus surveillance cameras. The NYPD will install these cameras at different locations throughout 29th District.

Photo COURTESY OF NYS ASSEMBLY Hyndman finalized her pet project of bringing surveillance cameras to her district.

Hyndman finalized her pet project of bringing surveillance cameras to her district.

Securing funding for the surveillance cameras was one of Hyndman’s first acts as Assemblywoman when she took office back in 2016.

“This is a big win for District 29,” said Hyndman. “These cameras will help enhance public safety by giving the NYPD the ability to monitor hot spots and will also act as a deterrent to crime. This was truly a collaborative effort on the part of the community and our partners at the NYPD, now our neighborhoods will benefit from this technology that is already in use in other parts of Queens and the other boroughs.”

Argus cameras features a large white box with the NYPD shields and is installed on top of lamp posts.

Hyndman worked with a coalition of community voices to determine where the cameras would be installed, including commanding officer of South Queens, David Barrere, commanders of the 103rd, 105th and 113th Precincts, the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, the Addisleigh Park Civic Association, the Rosedale Civic Association, and the Brinkerhoff Action Association. The group also took into consideration community input, crime data and other factors.

Deputy Inspector Peter Fortune, Commanding Officer of the 103rd Precinct, praised Hyndman for her efforts.
“Safety is the shared responsibility of everyone and these Argus cameras will help us to better protect and serve the people who enter and exit the 103rd Precinct daily,” Fortune said.

“These cameras will discourage crime and help our law enforcement officials better secure our neighborhoods,” said Senator Leroy Comrie. “I commend Assembly Member Hyndman for her leadership on this important issue as well as the NYPD and community for their input and support.”

–Brianna Knibbs

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