I Am A Masterpiece


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Psalms 139:14 – I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made—your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

As a child, I always felt special when my parents would tell me that I was special to them. Today, as an adult, I still feel special because I know that God has designed me in a wonderful way. As a matter of fact, when we look at the promises of God for our life, we can honestly say that we are blessed.

It becomes an insult to God when we compare ourselves to others and question why we weren’t created like someone else. When we would rather look or act or possess gifts that someone else has is, ultimately, telling God that He didn’t make us good enough. That’s never something that a parent wants to hear. A good parent does all they can to mold, make and manifest the best in their child. God didn’t make you second hand, He didn’t make you inferior to anyone else. God made you fearfully and wonderfully like all His children. He made you a masterpiece in the same way He makes us all.

I want to remind you that on the outside of your body, you have a fingerprint that is unique and not one person possesses that same print. It is the same on the inside. What you are made of is a unique combination of ingredients that have left a print of uniqueness as well as talents and gifts that no one else in the world can duplicate. If you dig deep enough, you will find that you are in possession of talents that the very ones whom you wish you were like probably wish that they had. Sometimes, the only reason why we wish to be like someone else is because they took time to develop, define and use what God has given them.

I recall that I never thought I would be a preacher, nor a writer. Some years ago, I would be amazed at watching my pastor, Rev. Dr. Floyd H. Flake, preach three services on a Sunday. During each service, he delivered a different sermon that would be just as moving and relevant as the one he preached previously. I would be amazed and wondered how this man could write and think of all of these sermons on a weekly basis. I said to myself, “I could never do anything like that,” whereas it was in me all the time.

I never like to write, but as God will have it, he led me to further my education, which required that I had to write papers that were as long as 300 pages. Now, I enjoy writing sermons every week and articles that inspire and encourage people to believe in God and in themselves. I want them to know that they can accomplish the very things they may have never thought they would have been able to accomplish.  No matter what you may be experiencing right now in life, I want to encourage you to try and look past any obstacle that may be in your way and do what God may has placed in your heart to do.

Many times, we may think that our goals are out of our reach, but if you trust in the path that God has designed for your life, you will see that you have been created as a masterpiece and there is a purpose for your life. You will not only astound yourself, but others will one day want to be just like you. You are a masterpiece.

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